About the Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia

Overhead Management Team

For an external request, the Overhead Management team provides analysis and recommendations only. A second opinion, if you will. For an internal response (SARBC is lead agency), the Overhead Management Team is responsible for all aspects of managing the Incident. Everything from interviews to incident command to base camp operations and logistics is covered by the team. The Overhead Management Team does NOT assume the role of Management during an external response request. Seldom does the Overhead Management Team even arrive on scene. We are set up to respond from our Victoria Base using modern communications equipment to direct the data to be analyzed from the field via a BC wide communications system.

Analysis Unit

A specialized team gathers all possible information about a missing subject/s and processes this information using deductive reasoning. The processed information is run through various computer programs and the results are then sent directly to the field search managers. A minimum of five Analysis members are required per operational period not including the trained interviewers and computer operators. All missing person analysis incidents follow an established pre-plan and operational procedures and policies. The Analysis team generally works out of the Victoria office due to the vast resources required but is field ready with modular equipment if required. The Analysis Division uses traditional and non-traditional search analysis procedures to combine all of the available information into workable search solutions. The Division exists to give search managers a second opinion.

Special Services Unit

The Special Services Unit is the physical response arm of the Society. The Mission Statement of the Unit is to “provide resources not normally available on a wilderness missing person Incident. In addition to traditional search training, the Team is trained in advanced human detection techniques, confinement systems, underwater search and recovery systems and Project Lifesaver.