Rescue and Marine Division

Special Services Unit: Rescue and Marine Division

Rescue Division (RMD)

Concept: Search and Rescue trained personnel specialize in adapting advanced electronic search resources for use in search and rescue incidents and environments in British Columbia.

Overview: The Rescue Division consists primarily of heavy rescue, confined space and underwater rescue [dive] trained personnel. Personnel are trained for positive interfacing during multi-agency situations. Stand-by incidents can range from: a missing subject in a off road vehicle that when found may require extrication to a missing child with a possibility of being in a confined space.
The team is available when a rural or urban search and rescue incident has the potential to require specialist rescue equipment and personnel that are not readily available for on scene stand-by.

Marine Division (RMD)

Marine Resources Division – Dive and Underwater Imaging

Overview: Utilizing professional underwater specialists cross trained in underwater search techniques to safely access depths and areas beyond the safe limits of sport divers. In addition, utilizing specialized underwater search equipment to assist in the location and recovery of subjects.