Project Lifesaver

With over 3000 rescues and an average elapsed time to locate the missing person under 30 minutes, the statistics speak for themselves.  For those with Alzheimers, Dementia, Autism, Downs and other cognitive disorders.

Candle in the Window

Better known as a “court of last appeal” or “search of last appeal”.  A systematic approach to assist in determining an IPP. Designed for Incidents where a search utilizing traditional methods has not provided resolve.

Lost in the Woods

This Child Survival program is presented to students, cubs, guides, parents and interest groups across North America.  It is not a “Hug a Tree” program. It goes into more detail and adds more Rules for Survival.  The presentation is about one hour and thirty minutes.  The maximum group size is about one hundred and twenty (or whatever the instructor can handle).  The film, “Lost in the Woods II” (re-produced by SARBC in 2005), is shown as part of the presentation.  Experiments taken from the book, “Lost in the Woods” by Colleen Politano, are done during each session.