Enroll in Greater Victoria Project Lifesaver

Enroll in Greater Victoria Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver International Transmitter
PLI Transmitter

Project Lifesaver depends on a cooperative working relationship with community partners. The Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia (SARBC) and The We Rage We Weep Alzheimers Foundation (WRWW) work together to offer the Project Lifesaver program in the Greater Victoria area.

Client Management services, which involves enrolling the client and performing the monthly visits, are performed by the members of both We Rage We Weep and SARBC.

Response services are provided by specially trained volunteer search and rescue members of SARBC (for Greater Victoria) and Juan de Fuca Search and Rescue (for Sooke District). There is no charge for Search and Rescue services.

We believe passionately that Project Lifesavers technology will enhance the quality of life for people with Alzheimers,Dementia, Downs or Autism and their caregivers. Our program acknowledges the diverse needs of our clientele and we treat all clientele and their caregivers with honesty, integrity and respect. The effectiveness of the program is consistently measured and evaluated based on the data collected from search and rescue operations.

The Greater Victoria program, started in 2008, has a 100% success rate.

To enroll a client in the program please contact either SARBC or We Rage We Weep Alzheimer’s Foundation:
SARBC – 250-384-6696
We Rage We Weep – 250-920-9573

Registration $300.00 – covers the cost of the transmitter
Please note – funding may be available for those that require assistance through We Rage We Weep Alzheimers Foundation or through SARBC

SARBC searches for missing people registered in the Project Lifesaver Program without charge or reimbursement in Greater Victoria.