• Since 1983.

How Your Support Has Helped

Year Notes
1983 Society Formed
  • Official name - Search & rescue Society of BC (SARBC). Provincial approval received for use of BC in our name.
  • Involved in the SAR field testing of UVIC Heat Treat (now Res Q Air)
  • Became lead agency for the Lost in the Woods Program for children
  • Developed Lost in the Woods program for schools
  • ShiftPOA, a Search Management software application, started
  • First class organized – Managing the Search Function and Managing Search Operations
  • EXPO - Introduced GIS for civilian SAR
  • Emergency Operations Center opened for assisting with lost persons
  • Overhead Management Team (OHMT) created and available
  • Researched the effectiveness of the three man concept
  • 800 number in place - public #
  • School Search Action Plan developed and distributed
  • SARNews created (eventually taken over by NSS
  • Liability of Search and Rescue workers commissioned by SARBC with UVIC Law Faculty
  • Lost in the Woods approved by Ministry of Education and SARBC began teaching the program in schools
  • SARBC members departed for Austria to help search for missing Canadian
  • New enhanced version of ShiftPOA developed
  • Timeline Analysis for missing/lost persons developed
  • Recommended National Training Standards
  • Special Services Unit formed to offer advanced search resources and techniques
  • First Civilian group to instruct at Comox SAREX (New Concept Land Search Techniques)
  • Island Famrs Commercial (with VICSAR) highlighting SAR volunteers
  • Light Heavy Rescue Program taught for local government Ministries
  • Instructors Kit developed for Lost in the Woods
  • Recommended SAR Advisory Committee be formed
  • Start of Alternate Spectrum Search Technique
  • First high school Light Heavy Rescue course taught
  • Vehicle extrication techniques for in the woods
  • Dive team (recovery) started
  • Provincial Emergency Management Operations SAR course
  • DStart of Sound Attraction systems research
  • Underwater search and recovery research started
  • R.A.P.I.D. and C.A.T.S. for Search Team Leaders developed
  • New techniques for night search developed
  • Assisted with Commonwealth Games - SAR coverage
  • Joint exercise with the Coast Guard (land and sea)
  • SARScene re-publised in Magazine format
  • Evidence search techniques developed
  • Beginning of Alternate Spectrum Field searching
  • Created Advanced Human Detection techqnique
  • Website launched
  • Alternate Spectrum detection introduced at NSS conference
  • SARIS - new Search Management software started
  • The blizzard! 37 calls in 50 hours.
  • SARIS completed
  • Assisted at International Auto Extrication Competition in Vancouver
  • Physical Anomaly Analysis started for wilderness missing person incidents
  • SARIS on display at SARScene
  • Digital mapping in place (for entire Province)
  • SAR team now remotely managed. Management stays in Victoria but has real time communication to teams in the field
  • Hovercrafts acquired and used in land search
  • First use of Thermal Imager on a search
  • Teaching space offered free of charge to like organizations
  • Evidence detection services enhanced
  • Underwater search techniques deployed
  • Side Scan Sonar added to marine resources
  • Thermal Imager expansion
  • Night Vision equipment expansion
  • Ground Penetrating radar
  • Satelitte communications in place
  • Satelitte communications in place, networked
  • Night Vision systems taught at SARScene
  • Lost in the Woods loaner kit developed for schools
  • Thermal scanning for grid searching
  • Instructed Light Heavy Rescue at DND Nanaimo
  • Members trained in Urban Search Management
  • Filming began on Lost in the Woods II, Child Survival
  • Filming began on T.R.A.C.K
  • Remote Operated Vechile (ROV) acquired
  • EMR training for field response
  • Decomposition program started
  • Timeline Analysis software program started
  • Despondent Search training video started
  • Project Lifesaver Program introduced to Victoria
  • SARBC became Provincial Training Agency for Project Lifesaver
  • Enhanced sonar (underwater) imaging
  • SARBC became Western Canada Air Search Training facility for Project Lifesaver
  • Move from light heavy rescue to medium heavy rescue skills
  • Rescue Radar, Trac Horse and wall breaching systems acquired
  • Project Lifesaver expanded to mainland (Surrey SAR)
  • Project Lifesaver expanded to Parksville/Qualicum Beach (Arrowsmith SAR)
  • Heavy Rescue training for Invermere
  • Thermal Imager - airborne capable
  • Project Lifesaver expanded to Nanaimo
  • Project Lifesaver expanded on lower Mainland
  • Project Lifesaver expanded in Vancouver/North Vancouver (North Shore Rescue)
  • FLIR vs Thermal Imager workshop for local SAR team
  • Project Lifesaver expanded to Courtenay/Comox/Cumberland