HELP and Huddle Positions

HELP and Huddle Positions – Cold Water Survival

The H.E.L.P. (HELP: Heat Escape Lessening Posture) and Huddle positions were developed in Victoria, BC, Canada by the University of Victoria’s Hypothermia / Cold Water survival team in or before 1977.  The positions are part of the Canadian Boating License learning.  The positions’ goal  is to reduce the heat loss from the body’s three major areas of heat loss:  groin, head/neck, and armpits/rib cage.

Below is a great poster/image from the Res-Q-Air section of a past SARBC website.

HELP and Huddle Positions
HELP and Huddle Positions – Cold Water Survival

The University of Victoria group has been responsible for the development of survival behaviours  (HELP and HUDDLE positions as noted above), cold water hypothermia prevention clothing (UVIC Thermo-Float jacket), prevention technology (Sea Seat) and treatment technology  RES-Q-AIR.