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  • Special Services Unit (SSU)

About the SSU

The Special Services Unit is the physical response arm of the Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia.

Please note that it is not SARBCs intention to replace or substitute local search and rescue teams in BC. The SSU is there to augment and assist the local SAR effort with resources and equipment that may not be normally available to local public safety agencies in BC.

While most wilderness search teams prefer daylight, the SSU teams are far more effective at night in the wilderness search environment. This night shift approach interfaces well with other on-site search teams. It utilizes operational periods that might otherwise go unused which increases the amount of searching that is accomplished as a search carries on.

The Mission Statement of the Special Services Unit (SSU) is to provide resources and equipment not normally available on a wilderness missing person incident. Often copied, but never duplicated.

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About the Society

It does not matter who finds the missing subject, it only matters that they are found. When traditional methods have failed we may be able to assist. Search and Rescue Society of BC - often copied, never duplicated.

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If you would like more information about any of our Programs or require assistance with an unresolved missing person incident, please contact us.